Are You Monitoring What Your Kids Are Watching on YouTube?


YouTube has turned out to be the second most popular and widely used video-sharing platform across the world. It allows users to upload, view and share their favorite videos and make comments on the videos. The available YouTube stuff includes movies, documentaries, tv shows, video clips, educational videos and live streams. By getting yourself registered to the video streaming platform, you can upload innumerable videos and add comments to videos. Almost 400 hours of content is uploaded on the website in every minute and one billion hours of YouTube content is watched every day.

Regrettably, the video-sharing site also hosts material containing violence, defamation and pornography. The more time you give to YouTube, the more likely you are to expose to objectionable content. Moreover, the video streaming site is not kids friendly owing to the availability of sexually explicit, violent, abusive and disturbing material. The experts do not recommend parents do not supervise the YouTube use of their children.

How to Monitor What Your Kids Watch on YouTube?

There is no other opinion that YouTube provides great support in educating children. There are numerous informative and educational videos that help kids to learn maths, science and many other subjects. However, the unsupervised use of the YouTube can expose your kids to objectionable and age-inappropriate videos. It is not recommended for parents to allow their kids to watch YouTube videos without supervision.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to monitor the YouTube use of kids to prevent them from exposing to age-inappropriate content. However, the most effective way to make the video-sharing platform safe for kids is the use of computer and cell phone monitoring software. There are scores of monitoring and tracking apps that enable parents to supervise the mobile phone and computer use of their kids. Once you install the software on the target device, you can monitor the activities performed on that device remaining anywhere in the world.

Of the surveillance apps rightly available in the spy market, TheOneSpy monitoring software is found to be a reliable and efficient tracking app intended for child monitoring. It is a multi-platform application which allows monitoring of computers and mobile phones running Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating system. The app gets access to the data stored on the monitored device and uploads it to the confidential online account of the surveillance app.

The monitoring app enables parents to monitor the internet activities of their children tracking the internet browsing history of the monitored Android mobile phones, iPhone, Windows computers and MacBooks. It lets you find out which sort of websites your kids visit and what type of information they search on the monitored devices using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari browser. It also lets you know what sort of videos your kids watch on YouTube and other video streaming sites. If you find your kids exposed to violent and objectionable YouTube videos, you can block their access to that type of content using parental controls.

There are numerous other parental control applications of which Net Nanny is another reliable app to protect kids from exposing to sexually explicit, defamatory and violent content. The award-winning application works as an internet browser on the mobile phone installed with the parental control panel. The application blocks kids’ access to age-inappropriate content and masks profanity and bad language. It blocks all the web pages containing nudity, explicit photos, videos and abusive words. It helps your kids to scroll through the video-sharing sites in a secure and kid-friendly way.

Monitoring Online Activities of Kids

Monitoring is not just limited to the video streaming sites. The parents are required to monitor every online activity of their underage children to protect them from becoming the target of bullies, molesters, sex offenders, catfishers and scammer. The monitoring software allows parents to track the social media activities of their children and their actions performed on the online accounts, blogs and chat-rooms. TheOneSpy enables parents to capture every online activity of their children capturing the on-demand and real-time screenshots. The tracking app also records the keylogs of usernames, passwords and email addresses to closely monitor the online accounts of children to prevent them from getting involved in misconduct and restricting the scoundrels from victimizing the teens and tweens.

The Bottom Line

The children of the digital age dedicate most of their waking hours to their internet-connected cell phones and computer devices. The more they remain stick to the digital technologies, the more they are likely to expose to the threats prevailing in the digital world. The monitoring apps enable parents to keep the mobile phones and computer devices of their children under surveillance to protect them from harassers, abusers, scammers and online criminals. Once you get your kids’ devices installed with the software, you can remotely monitor every activity performed on the monitored device without letting your kids know.